PHP Storm File Association

Jetbrains PHP Storm is an IDE that I love, the biggest pain about using it is that the uninstaller/installer when you upgrade from one version to the next puts the installation into a new folder, and it causes your files such as .php or .tpl to no longer associate with the phpstorm.exe file. Further, because of this you cannot associate them in the Windows -> open with -> choose default program dialogue as Windows simply will not put the program in the recommended programs or other programs list.

There are three workarounds for this that I am aware of, two of which I have tried successfully. I plan on trying the third way the next time I run an update of PHP Storm.

  1. Download a program that will automatically look for broken program associations. This one worked for me, and it cleaned up my PC a bit too:
  2. Edit the registry. This is actually the quickest and easiest way:
    • Click on Start Menu
    • In search box type in ‘regedit’
    • Back up your registry ( )
    • Navigate to: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications (not the .application one!!!)
    • Scroll down to PhpStorm.exe
    • Expand it to shell -> open -> command and you will see the folder that it opens under
    • Compare this to the new install of PHP Storm. If different:
    • Right-Click on the PhpStorm.exe in the registry editor and click on delete
    • Go back to the file you want associated with PHP Storm, Right-Click and select ‘open with’ – ‘choose default program…’
    • Ensure ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’ and click ‘Browse’
    • Navigate to JetBrains -> PhpStorm 6.0 (or whatever folder Number) -> bin -> PhpStorm.exe
    • Program will now show up in the list of programs for other file types as well
  3. The final method involves the directory to which you install PHP Storm, and I haven’t yet tried this method. You should probably rename the install folder to simply ‘PHPStorm’ and not have a version number beside it, and always install into that folder. I have read that this method works, and I will be trying it next time I upgrade.

Hope this helps.

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