Annoying Beep Sound from Laptop after Wakeup from Sleep

Every time my laptop would wake up from sleeping an annoying beeping, high pitched tone or squeal would sound whenever a sound played. This happened when clicking between pages or menus, watching a youtube video and eve)n during the shutdown music.

For a while I just avoided letting the laptop go to sleep, rather I would just put in the effort to shut it down instead of walking away and letting it put itself to sleep.

Being the type that is always looking to make life easier, I decided to search for a fix. Google basically turned up empty. There was a fix that involved device manager -> non-plug and play drivers (view -> show hidden devices), and changing the properties for the ‘beep’ link here. There was also a few brand specific fixes, but nothing worked.

About ready to give up hope, I decided that there must be a simple solution to this annoyance which must be built into Windows or my Asus laptop’s hardware for a reason. Well it took about 5 clicks and it was fixed. Here’s the solution:

Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback tab -> Right-Click Speakers -> Advanced tab -> Default Format drop-down -> selected a higher rate like 24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)

Clicked on test = annoying beeping high pitched sound gone!

This is the third time I have come across frequencies playing a roll in squealing sounds from computers or monitors, so this is obviously something that should be investigated.

Hope this helps.

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